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Common causes for dry skin

If your skin is feeling tight, itchy or inflamed, flaky or even showing signs of cracking, dryness may be to blame. Dry skin is a common problem but why does it happen? Dry Winter Skin The colder months of the year can be brutal on your skin. Outdoors, the wind dries it out and indoors its battered by artificial heating. The key is to increase the use of your moisturiser daily, and possibly look at a moisturiser that offers stronger hydration with more emolients for the cooler months. Hot Showers Frequent hot showers and baths can lead to dry skin....

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Difference between teen and adult acne

It is a common thought that acne is a teen problem that you will grow out of by time you hit your early twenties, but for some this isn’t the case with acne becoming a longer term battle, so what is the difference between acne and adult acne? We broken it down for you here. TEEN ACNE What is it? Chronic stress and the varied hormonal changes of adulthood can be a factor in your adrenal glands going into overdrive, boosting your sebum production and setting the stage for acne in your adulthood. Adult acne tends to be more inflammatory,...

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Acne Myths

If you’ve ever had a pimple, you know how frustrating it can be to find a solution. An overwhelming number of products are available all with the promise of clear skin, and yet, the harder you try to clear your skin, often the more red and painful it can become. In order to truly achieve clear skin, you’ll need to distinguish the difference between the old wives’ tales and tested truths. Acne Myth #1. Only Teens Get Acne Since approximately 85% of adolescents encounter some form of acne, it does seem like a teen based issue. However, it is also...

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