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Brush Hygiene for Professionals & at Home

Brush Hygiene for Professionals & at Home
October 14, 2016 BLOC Cosmetics
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As a make up artist, keeping your makeup tools hygienic is the most crucial part of your job.

  1. A professional makeup artist must clean and sanitise their brushes thoroughly between every single client. If a brush has touched a person’s face, body or the floor it should always be cleaned before it touches someone else. Forgetting to clean your brushes can lead to transferring bacteria between clients.
  2. You should also always avoid ‘double dipping’. If you take product with your brush, touch the brush to a client’s face, and then put that brush back into the product, you contaminate the rest of that makeup. Instead use a clean palette knife to scoop what you need onto a clean palette.
  3. Makeup artists should always use disposable applicators for applying other products like mascara, lip gloss, concealer and anything else that is contained in a tube with its own applicator.
  4. Pencils also need to be sharpened between clients, shedding the outer layer where the bacteria collects.
  5. Lastly always ensure hands are washed or sanitised between each client and that the client can see you do this.

Hygiene tips for at Home

  1. Clean your brushes! Personal brushes should be cleaned at least once a week with a professional brush cleaner. Leave the brushes to dry in the sunlight as this will kill any bacteria remaining on the bristles.
  2. Remember all makeup has an expiry date. Old products that are past their expiry can be extremely unhygienic, as the older your makeup gets the more susceptible it is to germs and bacteria. The composition of the product also changes over time, which means that using expired makeup can cause irritation.
  3. Letting friends use your makeup without cleaning the products in between is a serious hygiene mistake!
  4. Avoid tester products in-stores at all costs. These have been touched by thousands of strangers and you have no idea what those people have touched or what their personal hygiene is like.

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