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Meet Our Big Sister!

Meet Our Big Sister!
August 20, 2016 BLOC Cosmetics
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Just like BLOC Cosmetics, The Skin Centre Medi Spa was designed by Dermatologist, Dr Michael Freeman.

The first Skin Centre Medi Spa opened at Chevron Island, Gold Coast, in October 2014, and it is a unique blend of medical, cosmetic, ¬†therapeutic¬†and¬†holistic ideals.. It’s founder, Dermatologist Dr Michael Freeman had been practicing in skin, hair and nails for more than 20 years, and while running a large practice encompassing medical services, cosmetic treatments and international clinical trials (The Skin Centre, based at the Pindara Specialist Suites on the Gold Coast), Dr Freeman saw a need for a quality Medical Spa that helped clients prior to or to prevent needing medical intervention, or as a maintenance tool after seeing the doctor.

Each treatment conducted at our Medi Spa is formally trialled and endorsed by Dr Freeman. Client safety and meaningful results are top priorities for our team. We deliver the strongest possible treatments while staying within safe perimeters. The same can be said for all products available at the Spa. They have either been designed especially by Dr Freeman, or researched and deemed to be the best in their field.

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